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Farmers Co Op Equity Co Fce(620-247-6233)
Seagraves Martin(620-825-4140)
Kennemer Louanne(620-825-4334)
Barber County Ambulance Service(620-825-4112)
Barber County of(620-825-4112)
Kiowa District Hospital(620-825-4131)
Knapic Chiropractic & Wellness Center(620-825-4111)
Knapic Justin(620-825-4111)
Knapic Justin DC(620-825-4111)
Ives Jimmy B(620-825-4390)
Hilton Krista(620-825-4105)
Hilton Steve(620-825-4793)
Fitzgerald Hood P(620-825-4459)
Hays Robert L(620-825-4636)
Wright Franklin(620-825-4589)
Long Mildred(620-825-4476)
Forester Boyd(620-825-4351)
Forester Sally(620-825-4351)
Blevins Jerry(620-825-4354)
Q-Mart L P(620-825-4707)
Moreno Mario(620-825-4527)
Humphrey Sam(620-825-4639)
Summers Tom(620-825-4072)
Fenderson John(620-825-4315)
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