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Widmar J(620-347-4576)
New Life Baptist Church(620-347-4040)
Kranker Paul J(620-347-4317)
Steinbauer Frank(620-347-4536)
Markley Brian(620-347-4690)
Markley Regina(620-347-4690)
Ashbacher Henry(620-347-4070)
Smardo Charles(620-347-4118)
Dalton Jody(620-347-4684)
Robarts Marvin(620-347-4716)
Robarts Welding(620-249-1791)
Nutt Ernest(620-347-4123)
Jepson Natalie(620-347-4324)
Rhodes Mark A(620-347-4438)
Hudson Marvin(620-347-4359)
Mooney Bruce(620-347-4135)
Mooney Lisa(620-347-4135)
Pichler Henry(620-347-4404)
Baldwin A(620-347-8830)
Magathan Melanie(620-347-8254)
Selzer Olivia(620-347-4085)
Lovelady C(620-347-8589)
Westhoff Connie(620-347-4012)
Westhoff Pat(620-347-4012)
Palango Eva(620-347-4376)
Lakey Margaret(620-347-4471)
Sullivan Clarence(620-347-4373)
Jeffery I M(620-347-8424)
Williams Shirley(620-347-8207)
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