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Brown David E(620-369-2387)
Randecker James E(620-397-2752)
Hemel Richard(620-397-5659)
Hemel Theresa(620-397-5659)
St Theresa Catholic Rectory(620-397-5357)
Catholic Church Hall(620-397-5953)
Schriock Lynn(620-397-2176)
Wilson Clifford(620-397-2208)
Fox Jim(620-397-2583)
Fox Lynne(620-397-2583)
Felker Erik(620-397-2113)
Hospital of Lane County(620-397-5321)
Major Mary(620-397-5867)
Bradstreet Kevin(620-397-2342)
Bradstreet Malinda(620-397-2342)
Bretz Russell(620-397-5758)
Dellenbaugh Dee(620-397-5922)
Howard David(620-397-5782)
O'brien Marlece(620-397-2485)
O'brien Tim(620-397-2485)
Towns Delma(620-397-2100)
Bretz Martha(620-397-2228)
Boone Asalea(620-397-2621)
Schamaun Iona(620-397-2246)
Martin Virgil(620-397-2560)
Smeltzer Kenneth(620-397-2251)
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